The Yellow Rose of Texas, Emily West

An interesting historical note about Texas History and the Texas Zeta Mu’s university’s namesake: Sam Houston. From my good friend Juanita:

April 9 - Displaced Texans and lore lovers alike will be charmed to know that The Yellow Rose of Texas, Emily West, was
was probably a true story
Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose of Texas is fancifully famous for bedazzling Santa Anna out of his fancy pants at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.
Increasing evidence suggests the story may be true.
On San Jacinto Day, her believers in Texas saloons will lift their glasses to the star of the battle’s sideshow – a mixed-race woman named “Emily” who distracted the tyrant in his tent while Gen. Sam Houston’s grim-eyed skirmishers advanced on the Mexican camp.

She made Sam Houston, Texas’s first populist, famous. Good on her.

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